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It seems that anymore, everyone writing a blog out to make a quick buck — to sell you things you don’t need nor want.  All to often, there are so many ads on a blog that it’s very difficult to actually get to the content.  However, hosting a blog is not free.  The time it takes to write articles should not be free.

I’ll be honest.  I barely make anything off this blog.  Seriously.  I make enough to cover my meager hosting and not much more.  That means that pretty much everything I write is given to the reader at no cost.

What do I get out of Digital Notions?

As I said above, not much.  However, I believe it’s only fair for you to know exactly what I do get out of this blog.

Money: I do receive a meager amount of money from advertisements on this site. I try to mark any content which I get paid for as “Sponsors” or something similar.  I also receive a small amount of money from affiliate links.  These links aren’t labeled as such each and every time they appear.

For those not familiar with how affiliate links work, let me sum it up here.  For every person who clicks on an affiliate link on my site and purchases something, I receive a meager commission.  I will not support any affiliate program that could cost the consumer any additional money.  To sum it up, nothing changes for you, but I get a small commission.

In addition, any photos purchased from my Zenfolio photography site do earn me money.

Recognition: I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t trying to get my writing and photography noticed by creating this site.  I don’t want fame or riches.  But I feel that I express myself through my photography and I wish to share that small part of myself with the world.  Same for my writing.

Satisfaction: I really do enjoy the blogging medium.  The ability to reach people all around the world and share thoughts and ideas is amazing.  It is my hope that through this blog I can interact with a variety of people and hopefully, learn something from them.

What does blogging cost me?

To be fair, I feel I have to give both sides of the story here.  This blog costs me much more than I receive from it at current.

Time: This blog takes a lot of time.  I designed the themes myself.  I’ve written plugins for WordPress to get my photos to appear how I want them.  I spend hours every week writing content.  When I come across a particularly difficult to solve problem I try to write about it to hopefully save someone else from wasting time.  At the end of the day, I’m probably not making more than a few cents an hour — if that!

Critique: By putting my thoughts, writing and photography on the net, I’m opening myself up for lots of criticism.  While I do appreciate constructive constructive criticism and feel that I can learn a great deal, I have (and am sure I will continue to) receive some not-so thoughtful comments / emails.  On a bad day, these negative comments can really make a person questions why they blog.

However, in the end, it’s all worth it to me!  So, unless something changes, I’ll continue to blog!

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