Accepted at Photoshelter!

I’ve been accepted by Photoshelter!

While I just got accepted into Alamy less than a month ago, I really want to ensure that I’m marketing to the largest group of agencies possible.  However, I really didn’t want to follow the Royalty Free image marketing scheme.  Therefore, I decided that perhaps Photoshelter may be another great opportunity to sell the style of images I enjoy taking.

Photoshelter is a bit different than Alamy.  They operate more like a traditional stock agency where you submit photographs and they determine if they need them for their collection.  While the images must be good quality (sharp, proper colors and proper composition), they aren’t as rigorous with their upload policy as Alamy.  They also allow the photographer to set their own prices.

[Widget Removed with the demise of Photoshelter]

The above widget should update to show my latest images which have been uploaded.  I’m sure that at some point, I’ll incorporate it into the design on this blog, but for now, it gives an idea of exactly what I have available!