Apple iPad for Photographers?

Just this week, Apple announced their newest product the iPad.  This tablet Mac is supposed to shake up the industry and fill the gap between mobile phone browsing and netbook computing.  Along the way, they are trying to steal some market share from Amazon and their Kindle electronic book reader.  But what about photographers?  Is the iPad of any interest?

The other day I was asked by an acquaintance if I was going to order an iPad as soon as it came out.  I was a bit taken aback by this question as I really hadn’t shown any interest in tablet computers.  It turns out that he figured that since I was a photographer, I’d order one straight away.

“Why?” I asked?

“To display your photos!” was their response.

So consider me one who apparently just doesn’t get it.  Especially as a photographer.  Sure, there’s the iPad Camera Connection Kit, but since I shoot in RAW, I highly doubt that even if I could download my photos to the iPad, it could actually display them.  Plus, with a 1 gigahertz processor, photo editing is out.  Let’s not mention that the largest version is only 64GB!  I know professional photographers who take that quantity of photos in a week!

So no.  As a photographer I really don’t see the point of the iPad.  Do you?

Don’t get me wrong.  For simple computing tasks such as browsing the web or reading electronic media, I can see the iPad as a great gadget.  Heck!  If someone wants to donate one to me for testing I’d be happy to review it from a photographer’s perspective.  But no.  Sadly, I won’t be forking over the cash to purchase one myself.  Instead, I’ll be happily saving for a new 15″ MacBook Pro!