Business Trip Photography

Airplane flying overhead against a blue skyWhile dates and times are subject to change, it is now official that I will be traveling to the UK on business for two weeks.  Naturally, my first thought was what camera gear will I take?  But see, since this is a business trip, I am somewhat limited amount of space to pack my own gear.  So, the question becomes, what do I take?


I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to have to take my MacBook.  This will force me to carry two laptops (work provided and personal), but I really can’t figure out a way around it.  My only form of communication with my wife and friends will be through Skype and since my company completely locks down my work laptop, I have no choice but to take my own personal computer.  This brings up problem right away though.  I now have to carry on two computers.

From what I can tell, you’re better off with only one carry on bag for international travel.  So I started searching for laptop bags that would hold two laptops.  I also didn’t want to purchase a single trip item so I wanted something that I’d use for a long time.  Having owned one Timbuk2 bag, I knew that if I could, I wanted to stick with them.  Their bags are great!  So I ordered a Commute 2.0 with the idea that one laptop can go in the laptop area, and the other can go in the main compartment.  Keep in mind that I have to also have power cords, plug adapters and assorted cables for both laptops so that eats into my remaining space.  So… what room is leftover for camera gear?

Camera Gear

This is where things get tricky.  I have basically two options.  My Nikon D200 with one lens, or my Canon G10.  Remember, whatever I take has to fit in the above bag!  Now obviously, these two cameras are somewhat opposite with regards to size.  And as much as I love the G10, I’m a bit concerned that I’ll miss my dSLR once I get over there. Plus, when else will I have a chance to travel to Europe?  Shouldn’t I take the best camera possible?

On the other hand, the G10 and charger take up less space than the dSLR body itself.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to remove the lens on the D200 to get it to fit into the bag.  Which means if I’m walking around, seeing sights, I’m going to have to remove the lens ever time I want to put it back in the bag.

Whatever I choose, I’m definitely packing my Ultra Pod. I received this as a gift and I can’t begin to explain how handy it is! It’s tiny, fits anywhere and is far superior to trying to balance your camera on a ledge, rock or picnic table!

So what do you take when traveling on business?

I’ve asked many people what they do when they travel for business. Everyone has different answers and it’s clear that many people have honed their preferred kit from years of experience.  For now, I’m leaning on taking my G10 and concentrating on enjoying the sites.  By all means, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Business Trip Photography”

  1. I would rock the smaller camera. The pics I’ve seen you post from it look fantastic, and I’ve always found that the camera that is convenient is the camera that gets used.

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