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Up in the Air

I’ve always wanted to take a photo like this. While I didn’t want a window seat on my recent flight, I figured I’d take advantage of it to try to get some good photos!

iPhone 4 @ 3.9mm — ¹/270 sec, ƒ/2.8, ISO 80 | zoom in
365:30 - In the Air

Leaving on a jet plane…

So, tomorrow I leave for a week-long business trip. And while I’m curious to visit California (having only been there for a brief layover on my way to Hawaii as a child), I’m also not looking forward to missing out on a week at home.

Having made a commitment to post daily photos this year (and not wanting to give up at the end of January), I am taking my point and shoot and my personal laptop with me. In that spirit, I’m posting a quick shot of my traveling companion!

Canon PowerShot G10 @ 6.1mm — ¹/3 sec, ƒ/2.8, ISO 200 | zoom in

Pages of a Book

NIKON D200 @ 50mm — ¹/3 sec, ƒ/16, ISO 100 | zoom in

I’ve seen many people take shots like this and always wanted to try it. Finally, with our monochrome challenge, I figured that black and white text might just make the perfect subject! After a simple conversion to black and white, I realized that it was simply too dull. Adding the reddish tint really brought out the textures to my eye.