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I’ve been listed on Cool Photoblogs

I was looking around at some of the really good photoblogs out there on the net and I ran across some which had won the Photoblog Awards for different years.  While I’m really not thinking that my humble place here in cyberspace is worthy of such an honor, I did want to point out that they did accept my submission here.

So, if you’re enjoying my work, or just want to go see other really good photography, check out the above link and either vote for me, or look around!

Photoblog Awards

Belly Dancing

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I traveled back to Michigan to visit one of her best friends who had just given birth to their first child. One night, after visiting with them, we met up with another long time friend to go watch a belly dancing show. Since I was there to enjoy time with old friends, I didn’t take my D200. Instead, I grabbed the Canon G10 and shot in RAW figuring I could do some post processing if necessary since it was a pretty dark venue. Therefore, please note that these are posted knowing that they are not “up to snuff” by photography standards!
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Sunday Serenity #2

After my last Sunday Serenity post, it occurred to me that if I were to keep this up, I’d have to come up with some good, peaceful photos!

Since I derive the greatest peace in nature, I started looking through my Lightroom library and came up with a decent list. Many of these photos have more meaning behind them than what they picture, so whenever possible, I’ll try to give a brief description of what makes the shot special to me.

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Sunday Serenity #1

After spending a wonderful Sunday with my wife I figured I’d spend some time looking through my photos from Alaska back in 2007. Overall, I find that many of the photos may not be technically excellent, yet still bring back the sense of peace and calm I felt when I was there.

Therefore, I figured I’d attempt to start a series of posts here featuring photos that bring me a sense of peace and calm.
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Greene New York Flooding

We’ve been experiencing serious thunderstorms around here these last two days, but as we were driving home from work, the thunder stopped and the sun came out. The area where we live suffers from some pretty serious flooding problems, so I figured that I’d take the chance to drive around town and see if I couldn’t capture some of the water that is everywhere.

NIKON D200 @ 18mm — ¹/30 sec, ƒ/6.3, ISO 100 | zoom in
A Raging Torrent

It’s times like this that I’m glad we live on the top of a hill. However, as we neared the bottom of the road leading up to our house, I looked over and saw that. While it may look like a nice river, it’s normally just a trickle of water. Further down this creek it was possible to see more erosion.
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