Lightroom 2.4 Update

Adobe recently announced updates to Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.  This version, Lightroom 2.4, aims to add additional camera support as well as fix a few bugs that had been found in Lightroom 2.3.

It is important to note that for those who are installing the Lightroom update, the latest version of Camera Raw is included so there is no need to install both.  For those running Photoshop, I believe the Camera Raw update may need to be installed separately.

What do these updates mean to users?  Personally, the Lightroom update means little for most users.  The bug fixes seemed focused around language support and updates to the crop module (which I have never experienced problems with).  However, for those users using newer camera such as the Canon EOS 500D (Digital Rebel T1i) or the Nikon D5000, the Camera Raw updates to support these cameras are welcome!  (As well a those users using Hasselblad digital backs which I expect is a very small number of my readers).  To view the official release notes, please go here.

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2 thoughts on “Lightroom 2.4 Update”

  1. This is one great tool to upgrade Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, Same with you I have never had bad experience with what I am currently using, but I will check this one if they happen to add something new and interesting….Thanks…

  2. After playing around with the updated version for a while, I can’t see anything different for me. However, I’m sure those using newer cameras are thrilled! It would be really upsetting to buy a brand new computer and not be able to use Lightroom!

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