New Theme on

As some of you may have noticed, the theme on Digital Notions has been completely overhauled! While the individual pages might not look too much different, the homepage is completely different as you can see from the image of the old theme below!

I’m still perfecting some of the details, but the new theme offers a much better user interface (I believe) and will hopefully not limit the future growth of this site. I’m trying to focus more on the articles and devote less time to messing around with the code behind ever single post. I’m also hoping that I’ve improved the comment interface so hopefully, it will be easier to leave your thoughts.

Speaking of which, I’d be very interested in your opinion, so please leave a comment and let me know how you like the design. Also, I have tested the layout on Firefox, Safari and the latest Internet Explorer, but I cannot vouch for other browsers. I’d expect some issues with Internet Explorer 6.0 as it is notoriously bad with rendering CSS correctly. Therefore, if you’re still using it, do yourself a favor and upgrade (and let me know so I can try to fix this site…)