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I’ve been listed on Cool Photoblogs

I was looking around at some of the really good photoblogs out there on the net and I ran across some which had won the Photoblog Awards for different years.  While I’m really not thinking that my humble place here in cyberspace is worthy of such an honor, I did want to point out that they did accept my submission here.

So, if you’re enjoying my work, or just want to go see other really good photography, check out the above link and either vote for me, or look around!

Photoblog Awards

Rookie Blogging Mistakes

In reading through Pro Blogger today, I found an interesting post entitled Rookie Lessons for New Bloggers, which was a guest post by Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship.  As somewhat of a rookie myself, I decided to quickly jot down my thoughts.  This soon turned into the following full post which I figured I’d share with you all.

Blogging is Difficult!

Blogging - Hard Work
Photo by nkzs - stock.xchng

There.  I said it.  Blogging is difficult.  Even more so for someone new to online publishing — the “blog rookie” if you will.  Sure, there are tons of success stories, and great resources with tons of information.  That’s enough, right?  Perhaps.  But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy to sit down and write a successful blog!  The process of simply setting up a blog can be intimidating and time consuming, especially if you’re trying to setup a unique domain name and host the blog on a server as opposed to going through a ready made blog site such as WordPress.com or Blogger.  We haven’t even begun to write yet, a task which for many, is harder then they anticipated.  After an initial burst of energy and great ideas, finding topics, images and motivation can become difficult.  And we’re not even to the part of this venture where you have to actually market your blog.  That’s right.  Sites don’t just take off and become profitable on their own.  Along the way, mistakes are made.  Lots of them.  Yes.  Everyone makes mistakes when blogging and anyone who claims they haven’t is lying to you.

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