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Another fun Olympic Photo Blog

While I’m not sure it’s quite as extensive as the Newsweek Photo Blog discussed here, the Toronto Star photographers are also blogging their experience here.

Reading an entry by Richard Lautens, you will note that they mention that only 10 photographers from Canada were invited to the opening ceremonies.  That’s quite a small number!  In fact, from what he says, only 500 tickets were given out to photographers and there are over 1,200 accredited photographers in China hoping to shoot the Olympics.  So more than half weren’t able to even attend the opening ceremony.

Perhaps it’s just me, but these photo blogs are really fun!  (By the way, the obligatory gear post is here!)

Olympic Photography Insight

Looking through some of the Olympic photos which have begun to appear online, I couldn’t believe I found a blog from Newsweek on the photography of the Olympics! What a great find! The shear beauty of many of the images, not to mention the perfect execution is simply awe inspiring!

Of particular interest to me is the post by Vincent Laforet regarding his gear choices for the Olympics. He even put together a photo blog of what and how he packed. Very interesting for a gear junky like me!

The whole Newsweek blog is a good read. Photos of the Day are chosen and they are stunning! Not only that, the editor explains what makes each shot great.

For anyone serious about photography (or has pipe-dreams of ever shooting professionally), it shows a lot of the work involved of simply taking one photograph.