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LAMP Server on Ubuntu 9.04 Workstation Install

As part of my efforts to revitalize my blog, it occurred to me that I have enough people accessing my site that I really didn’t want to mess up the actual pages when I mess something up. And let’s face it, if you muck about with HTML, PHP and CSS theme files enough, you’ll eventually land yourself into a situation where something is broken and it might take a few hours to fix. During that time is when, knowing my luck, Google or Yahoo will attempt to crawl my site looking for content. Or, even worse, a reader will look at my site, and leave since they can’t read the content. This is a bad situation.

Local LAMP Server

The solution to this is having the ability to develop your website off-line. Essentially, have your own, local server where can muck about till your heart is content without affecting any readers experience. For WordPress development, you’ll need a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP). If you’re starting from scratch with your Linux install, you could simply install a Linux Server version. Please be aware that a server install will not come packaged with a nice graphical user interface. Starting with an existing workstation install, it’s a bit more difficult. Ubuntu has attempted to make it as easy as possible by creating what they call “tasks” which are essentially meta packages containing what you need for a specific type of installation. This allows the Lamp Server task to be installed on top of your existing workstation installation. Since I wanted to be able to use my Ubuntu box as normal, but have the LAMP stack available, this is what I did.

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