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Raymondskill Falls

This last weekend, my wife and I ended up hiking to numerous falls around the Delaware Water Gap.  We had a great time, and I got to play with my new Cokin neutral density filters.  While I’m not quite done sorting all the images, this one stood out as one of my favorites.

NIKON D200 @ 31mm — 1.3 sec, ƒ/16, ISO 100 | zoom in
Raymondskill Falls

For those who aren’t familiar with neutral density filters, Wikipedia has a pretty decent explanation.  Essentially, the filter allows the shutter speed to be slowed down so even on sunny days, motion blur can be achieved — a must for waterfall photography!  I’m still learning exactly how to use them and under what circumstances they work out the best, but this seems to give the desired affect!

Day 25 – Flood Waters

NIKON D200 @ 52mm — ¹/180 sec, ƒ/8, ISO 100 | zoom in
Day 25 - More flooding
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Just this last August, this area underwent severe flooding.  Today, we got very similar conditions, except it is now the middle of winter (clearly, the photo above is from August).  Thankfully, the rain has subsided for now!

Just for clarification, the area full of water in the above photo is usually a dry culvert about two feet wide.

Greene New York Flooding

We’ve been experiencing serious thunderstorms around here these last two days, but as we were driving home from work, the thunder stopped and the sun came out. The area where we live suffers from some pretty serious flooding problems, so I figured that I’d take the chance to drive around town and see if I couldn’t capture some of the water that is everywhere.

NIKON D200 @ 18mm — ¹/30 sec, ƒ/6.3, ISO 100 | zoom in
A Raging Torrent

It’s times like this that I’m glad we live on the top of a hill. However, as we neared the bottom of the road leading up to our house, I looked over and saw that. While it may look like a nice river, it’s normally just a trickle of water. Further down this creek it was possible to see more erosion.
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