Red Clamp

red clamps in a lightbox
365:8 - Red Clamp
NIKON D200 @ 56mm — 1/15 sec , ƒ/ 7.1 , ISO 100

So I originally had decided on doing something very specific today for my red photo. And while it did turn out just fine, I really liked one of the shots I took after my primary objective was complete. In fact, I liked it so much that I’m making it my photo of the day instead!

For those curious, here was my original idea — titled “Bitten”. I still like it, but according to my wife, it seems to induce wincing and pain…

red clamp outtake photo
365:8 - Bitten
NIKON D200 @ 29mm — 1/15 sec , ƒ/ 7.1 , ISO 100