You will find here a series of all of the photo posts that I’ve brought over from my time on Wordpress. Clicking on any of the photos will bring up the post, and many contain outtakes and some context around the photo. Many of these are old and some are a bit embarrassing, but one never learns unless they can appreciate where they came from.

It is my sincerest hope that these continue to improve, and that others may be able to learn from my past experiences.

Up in the Air
Leaving on a jet plane…
Daily Photo – Keyboard
Garlic Bulb
Rows of Bottle Caps
Pages of a Book
Bottled Water
Sepia Tone Tree Branch
Last Leaf
Violet Orchid
Vase Bottom
Day 19 – Untitled
Plugged In
Hot Peppers
Violet Coffee Cup
Asparagus Bouquet