What makes good stock photos?

As much as I wish I could give an absolute answer, I’m finding that despite all of the research I did prior to joining Alamy, I’m still learning. While I really didn’t expect to start making sales immediately at Alamy, I’m a little disappointed that I don’t have more views — one of the measures Alamy shows the contributors.

I’m starting to come to the understanding that images need more than just proper exposure and good subjects.  Good stock photography must either evoke an emotion, or attempt to sell a product or idea.


I know that this isn’t perhaps a perfect image.  But I feel that this one has potential to do well in the Stock world.  Not only is it properly exposed and in focus, but it has potential to be used for a variety of advetising uses.  Also, I think it’s a bit catchy but then again, I think I’m a bit biased.

Run down building near the Vancouver Pier

While this image may not have as much advertising potential, I find it alluring.  Then again, I took it.  However, I really think it tells a story.  The worn building and the loading dock amist the signs of industry allows the imagination to wander.  The whole “if those walls could talk” mentality.  Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what it could be used for.

Lounging Lion

This is another image I really hope does well.  I wish the colors were a bit more punchy, but the lion just looks so peaceful — relaxed yet dangerous.  Hopefully, emotions may allow this image to sell.  We’ll see!

I try really hard not to let my emotions get in the way of my objectiveness, but it is hard at times!  Check out my Alamy Portfolio and let me know what you think!  Constructive criticism welcome!