Pet Photography – Fail!

Friday morning, our cat was feeling particularly playful. Thinking this was as good a time as any to practice some action photography, I grabbed my camera. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. To start with, our cat is really fast!

A cat chasing a toy
Flying after a toy
NIKON D200 @ 70mm — 1/20 sec , ƒ/ 4.5 , ISO 320

In the above shot, she’s chasing a cat toy attached to a plastic wand by an elastic string. I saw the toy fly by, the cat jump, and well… Admittedly, 1/20th second shutter speed isn’t going to stop motion here. But the poor lighting in this room of our house coupled with her high rate of speed produced a very blurry image. However, I actually kinda like it. I just wish her head were in the frame.

Gloating over her catch
Gloating over her catch
NIKON D200 @ 70mm — 1/25 sec , ƒ/ 4.5 , ISO 320

As you can witness, we do let her catch the toy. And when she does, she’s pretty adept at holding on to it until you pull the elastic taut and then letting go — resulting in the toy flinging back at you. I guess it’s her little game.

Resting after some hard play
Cat resting after playing
NIKON D200 @ 70mm — 1/60 sec , ƒ/ 4.5 , ISO 320

In the end, she’s tired and so am I. And sadly, not one good action photo. Perhaps next time, I’ll try with the flash — though the subject tends to find it a bit distracting!