Greene New York Flooding

We’ve been experiencing serious thunderstorms around here these last two days, but as we were driving home from work, the thunder stopped and the sun came out. The area where we live suffers from some pretty serious flooding problems, so I figured that I’d take the chance to drive around town and see if I couldn’t capture some of the water that is everywhere.

A raging torrent that used to be a stream
A Raging Torrent
NIKON D200 @ 18mm — 1/30 sec , ƒ/ 6.3 , ISO 100

It’s times like this that I’m glad we live on the top of a hill. However, as we neared the bottom of the road leading up to our house, I looked over and saw that. While it may look like a nice river, it’s normally just a trickle of water. Further down this creek it was possible to see more erosion.

Over the Bridge, Into the Water
Sidewalk Disappearing Into Water
NIKON D200 @ 24mm — 1/60 sec , ƒ/ 6.3 , ISO 100

As we drove through town, I saw this bridge which normally leads to a retirement home. Again, this is normally just a drainage culvert with minimal water. What’s more, the sidewalk on the other side usually doesn’t lead into a pond.

What used to be a culvert becomes a river
Retirement Home During Flood
NIKON D200 @ 18mm — 1/160 sec , ƒ/ 6.3 , ISO 100

Here’s a wider view of the same area. The sun kept going behind the clouds so this gives a bit of a deary felling to the photo. I suppose a flooded backyard is a bit of a dreary thing, so perhaps it’s not all bad.

A Mini Whirlpool
A Mini Whirlpool
NIKON D200 @ 18mm — 1/100 sec , ƒ/ 8 , ISO 100

A nearby parking lot had a solitary drain in the middle of it which I assume led to some sort of drainage ditch somewhere. It was a bit overwhelmed which created a pretty neat whirlpool in the middle of the parking lot. Not something you see every day.

Sun rays shine on a flooded culvert
Sun Rays on a Flooded Culvert
NIKON D200 @ 52mm — 1/180 sec , ƒ/ 8 , ISO 100

I think this is my favorite shot of the day. While the topic is still a bit dire since we’re in a flood after all, the light coming through the trees is just really interesting. At the same point, it’s clear that there is a lot of extra water trying to make its way downstream — wherever that my be. Regardless, I really like this shot.

Flooded Back Yard
Flooded Back Yard
NIKON D200 @ 18mm — 1/180 sec , ƒ/ 6.3 , ISO 100

This is another of my favorites. I really like how it tells the story of what’s going on. This is just a large quantity of standing water in someones backyard. Again, I count my blessings that we live on the top of a hill.

After driving around shooting these shots it had been about a half hour. From what I could tell, things were actually getting worse.

Water rushing through a drain pipe
Still Rushing
NIKON D200 @ 18mm — 1/45 sec , ƒ/ 8 , ISO 100

There is simply too much water for too small a drain pipe. Water was also covering the main intersection in town on our way home — the same intersection that was clear on our way down to town. Hopefully, there isn’t too much damage caused here. I know that the flooding we got a few years ago left many families homeless, some of whom are still struggling to get back on their feet.