Welcome to Digitalnotions

Welcome to digitalnotions.net!

The goal of this site is to discuss my photography, blogging and web design adventures. I’m really not sure exactly what this will turn into, but for now it offers me a way to post photography and technology related posts which will hopefully be of use to some people. I wish to encourage comments and therefore, have attempted to create an easy to use commenting form which is available for all posts.

While the basic site design is now complete and I’m going to be making this a living, breathing and changing blog, I have yet to finalize all the details which will start happening over the next couple weeks. At times, the site may be down or in a state of dis-repair. Please bear with me! I know some frown of releasing a site to the world in a less than complete state. However, my goal is to attempt to provide useful information. And for that, site layout, and design aren’t nearly as important as the content of the posts.