Google Indexing – How Long?

In an effort to take on even more responsibility and have even less free time in my life, I decided to look into starting another blog. During this process, I’m trying to figure out how in the world I got this site indexed into Google. You see, I’ve really never had a problem getting this site’s articles indexed and showing up in Google. It may sound weird, but it all just kinda worked. Not so this time!

A little history. I purchased the domain through I highly recommend Namecheap as they make registering and maintaining domains really easy! New domain in hand, I setup hosting. No surprises here. I then setup WordPress and add a few starter blog posts I’d been working on. So far, so good. This was over a week ago.

Here’s where the fun stats. Having done this work, the next step to successful blogging is to get your blog into search engines such as Google. There are two steps to this, both relatively easy. The first is to go to the Google Site Submission page and sign up for your site to be indexed. The next was to sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools account. This allows you to specify a sitemap if you desire and see if there are any errors on your page that prevent Google from properly indexing your page.

Finally, it’s time to wait and allow Google to index the pages. And wait I have! Perhaps I’m being impatient, but after a week I’m having a hard time understanding why I still have no pages indexed by Google! What’s up with that?

And clicking the “Why Not?” icon yields no real help on the subject.

So I guess, in answer to my question of how long it takes Google to index your pages, the answer seems to be more than a week! Come on Google! Get going!